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Our Story

The first annual USA Street Food Awards has been a long time coming. This year's events are the culmination of great effort from our tireless organizers, masterful contenders, and dedicated supporters. Explore our story below to get a taste of how we got here.

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Street Food Awards Founded

We debuted in Ludlow with the British Street Food Awards. Today, the contest has six regional heats and a national final. In 2019, it attracted an audience of more than 45,000 hungry viewers!


European Expansion

Seven successful events later, we launched the European Street Food Awards. After a long summer of heats in Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Ireland, The Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and Britain, champions from all nine countries competed at the finals in Berlin.

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Our Founder:

Richard Johnson

  • Award-winning food journalist and consultant.

  • One of the 1,000 most influential people in London for four years running, per the Evening Standard.

  • Writer / presenter of The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4.

  • Author of the best-selling book Street Food Revolution.

  • Johnson has been the host of Full on Food for BBC2, Kill It, Cook It, Eat It for BBC3, as well as supertaster for ITV’s Taste The Nation and judge on Channel 4’s Iron Chef and Cookery School.

Our Partners

Food Fleet

We wouldn’t be doing this without Food Fleet. They are our muses. They totally get us!


Founded to provide partners with more event opportunities with corporations, universities, and, convention centers and other areas where food service is a core component, Food Fleet is now one of the largest providers of mobile and pop-up food and beverage solutions in the US. They bring the very best elements of the food and beverage industry, and focus on the core values on which the hospitality business was built.

The Wave Foundation

We all share in the Wave Foundation's goal: a healthy planet that sustains healthy communities, and healthy communities that sustain a healthy planet. But where do we start--and how do we get there?


For the Wave Foundation, everything begins with bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders and focusing on Northwest region and its legendary pioneering spirit. To tackle climate change, they focus on five key areas primed to make the biggest impact:

  • 100% Clean Energy

  • Clean & Equitable Transportation

  • Healthy & Sustainable Food

  • Zero Waste

  • Clean Air & Water

Visit the foundation's website for more information on their mission and how you can contribute to a brighter future.


The LA Auto Show

We are honored to hold our first heat in the USA Street Food Awards in collaboration with the legendary LA Auto Show.

The LA Auto Show is one of the most influential automotive events in the world.  A century past its 1907 debut, the show continues to be a standard bearer in both technological innovation and community engagement. Every year, the event draws tens of thousands of influential industry figures and drives innovation from the intersection of cutting-edge technology, experiential offerings, and LA's unique car culture.


The 2023 event will take place over ten days and host more than 150 experiential displays you won't find anywhere else. Once you've worked up an appetite, you can come find us on November 18th and 19th as the official food and beverage partner. Visit their site to get more information on this year's show as it is released.

We're Just Getting Started.

At the Street Food Awards, we're seasoned professionals in world-class cuisine and elite competition - but our story is just beginning. To stay updated on upcoming events across the country, join our contact list. If you're craving the action and excitement, there's nothing like being there yourself; join us for one of our contests as an attendant or competitor!

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